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What is a personal login and how do I get one?

A personal login is easy to obtain and offers several benefits.

By signing up for a personal login, you will no longer have to share workspaces with the rest of your functional group. Your settings will also remain from session to session. As we continue adding customizable settings, having a personal login will enable you to personalize your settings and keep them from session to session without interference from other members of your functional group.

To sign up for a personal login, click on the Create Account button in the left panel of the login box on the VIC login page. The only requirement is that you provide a valid work email address. Valid email patterns are listed at the top of the Create Account pop-up window.

How do I create my account in VIC?

If your company has purchased a subscription to our Vehicle Information Center (VIC):

- Go to the URL: or use the URL provided for your company e.g.
- Click on "Create Account" button:

New Users Create Account Button

- Fill out the form fields using your company email:

Create Account Fields

- You will receive an email within 45 seconds of completing the Create Account form.
- Click on the link received in your email to activate your account (this will return you to our main Login page).
- Login to your account using your company email and the password you chose, and you can now start using our data service.

If your company does not have a subscription to VIC but is interested in purchasing one, you may email

I forgot my password - how do I retrieve it?

If you've forgotten your password, there is a link on the VIC login page below the Password: field called "Forgot your password? Click here." Clicking on the link will launch a pop-up window asking for your email address and allowing you to create a new password. Be sure to supply a valid email address, as a validation link will be sent to the address you supply which must be clicked to complete the process.

Search Vehicles & Data

Market Leadership Evaluation Tutorial

Our Market Leadership Evaluation data analysis type targets a specific vehicle and provides an evaluation against it's competitor's offerings for any features and specifications you wish to compare.
  • The Market Leadership Evaluation column lets you know if the target vehicle is above, equal to, or below market compared to the average offering from it's competitors for each feature or specification.
  • The Competitive Majority column determines how each feature / specification is being offered on average when looking across all of the competitive vehicles/trims that have been chosen.
  • The Differentiators column lists any vehicles that offer the feature differently than the competitive majority answer.

To start, choose "Compare Wizard" from our home page:
2-14-2019 7-25-10 PM.png
Step 1: A pop-up wizard will appear. Select "Compare Data":
2-14-2019 7-26-05 PM.png
Step 2: On the next menu, you will choose vehicles of interest. You can enter your vehicles manually or use the Segment menu on the top. Once you've chosen your vehicles, it will automatically select all trim levels. You can specify only certain trim levels by unchecking the boxes underneath the vehicle. (For this example, I've used a few Compact SUV's with all trims included):
2-14-2019 7-28-32 PM.png
Step 3: On the next menu, you can choose which features you'd like to compare by bringing them over from the left side menu to the right side menu. I've chosen a few as an example:
2-14-2019 7-30-37 PM.png
Step 4: Choose "Market Leadership Evaluation" and choose your target vehicle (the vehicle you wish to evaluate against others). Then click "Finish" in the bottom right corner:
2-14-2019 7-32-06 PM.png
After doing steps 1-4, you will finally see the Market Leadership Evaluation. As a note, you can expand this data to see trim level data by clicking the plus sign under a vehicle's name:
2-14-2019 7-34-53 PM.png