Manufacturers allow updates to navigation maps to keep their vehicles up to date. We've catalogued the prices that major manufacturers are charging in order to access these updates (either at a dealership, or through over-the-air updates).

Below are the manufacturer websites for purchasing navigation/map updates, along with general pricing.

Pricing can vary by model and model year so the prices listed below are from looking at 2-3 different model and model year combinations:

Acura ($100-150)
Audi ($250)
BMW ($45-100)
GM - Buick, Chevy, Cadillac, GMC ($100-180)
FCA - Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat (prices not listed until you confirm system)
Ford ($150)
Genesis (free - all Genesis vehicles get 3 years of complimentary updates)
Honda ($150)
Infiniti ($150)
Kia ($150)
Land Rover ($200)
Lexus (prices not listed)
Lincoln ($150)
Mazda (This is the link Mazda provides to "Order Map Updates" on their main site, but there is not any information about ordering map updates on this page. Supposedly starting with MY16, Mazda offers 3 years of complimentary map upgrades with each vehicle purchase, but this is unconfirmed. See this chart for more details)
Mercedes-Benz ($100-$250 for some MY's, MY15 and newer vehicles receive 3 years of complimentary updates)
Nissan ($150)
Subaru ($200)
Toyota (prices not listed)
Volkswagen ($125)
Volvo (free)
This saved workspace link will show some documents (media reviews, brochures, press releases) and verbatims regarding paid map updates. This will give a better idea of manufacturers who offer complimentary updates for a certain period of time.

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