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What types of selectable/customizable drive modes are offered by various OEMs?
200617 Drive Modes Example

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We created a saved workspace and Excel file digging into details about selectable drive modes:

Here is a selection of details we were able to pull together describing selectable and customizable drive modes:

Audi calls their system Audi Drive Select and includes settings that can affect the steering effort, shift points and throttle map, with modes including Comfort, Auto, Dynamic, or Individual:

  • Audi Drive Select - Audi drive select makes it possible to experience different types of vehicle settings in one vehicle. The driver can select from three Comfort, Auto and Dynamic modes using the button in the center console or the MMI to switch between a sporty and a comfortable driving mode, for example. In the Individual* mode, the vehicle settings can be adjusted to your personal preferences. This makes it possible to combine settings such as a sporty engine setting with smooth steering. Applies to vehicles: with Audi drive select The vehicle setup in each mode depends on the vehicle's features. However, the engine and steering are always affected.
  • Engine and automatic transmission - Depending on the mode, the engine and automatic transmission* respond more quickly or in a more balanced manner to accelerator pedal movements.
  • Adaptive dampers (Audi magnetic ride) - The adaptive dampers use sensors to record information regarding steering movements, braking and acceleration operations by the driver, road surface, driving speed, and load. With Audi drive select you can adjust the adaptive dampers sporty (dynamic), comfortable (comfort) or balanced (auto).
  • Steering - The steering adapts in terms of steering assistance. There are different modes. Indirect steering that moves easily as in comfort mode is especially suited to long drives on a highway. The dynamic mode provides sporty, direct steering. For vehicles with progressive steering* the steering performance is more agile.
  • Cornering light - The cornering light adjusts when driving on curves at speeds between 6 mph (10 km/h) and 68 mph (110 km/h). The pivoting action and the lighting are also adapted to the mode.
  • Adaptive cruise control - The behavior when accelerating can be adjusted from comfortable to sporty, depending on the Audi drive select mode. Adaptive cruise control also responds to the driving behavior of the vehicle ahead in a more conservative or sporty manner.

Infiniti offers their Drive Mode Selector that interacts with their Direct Adaptive Steering system:

  • Drive Mode Selector
    • Personalized Steering - Drivers can choose from several modes to customize steering performance using the Drive Mode Selector.
    • Less Effort - In the Standard mode, steering requires less effort at lower speeds for easy maneuverability.
    • Quicker Steering - Compared to Standard mode, at a speed of 60 mph the steering ratio for Sport is four percent quicker, and 12 percent quicker for Sport+.

INFINITI Drive Mode Selector: Turn the switch to one of the following positions to select the corresponding drive mode:

  1. STANDARD - Used for standard or normal driving.
  2. SPORT – The hybrid system and transmission will adjust, resulting in higher hybrid system rpm and a more aggressive shift pattern. In this mode, fuel economy may be reduced.
  3. SNOW – Used on snowy roads or slippery areas. In this mode, hybrid system output is controlled to avoid wheel spin.
  4. ECO – Adjusts hybrid system and transmission points to enhance fuel economy.
  • ECO PEDAL SYSTEM (if so equipped) - With the INFINITI Drive Mode Selector switch in the ECO mode, the ECO pedal system assists the driver in improving fuel economy. The ECO pedal system applies force to make the accelerator pedal heavier, depending on the accelerator pedal operation. To change the ECO pedal reaction force:
  • Press the SETTING button on the control panel.
  • Touch the “ECO DRIVE” key.
  • Touch the “ECO pedal” key and select one of the options below:
    • OFF – Turns the ECO pedal system off.
    • Soft – Softens the reaction force.
    • Standard – Reaction force is normal.

Mercedes-Benz offers customizable driving modes on several models, including their hybrid and plug-in hybrid models.


  • Electric mode or driving with the internal combustion engine is possible
  • Automatic selection of drive mode with electric mode as often as possible
  • The high-voltage battery is discharged to approximately 15%.
  • To subsequently maintain the condition of charge of the high-voltage battery, the electric output is reduced. All vehicle functions such as electric mode, energy recuperation or boost mode, for example, are still available.


  • Purely electric operation until the performance limit of the electric motor is reached


  • Electric mode or driving with the internal combustion engine is possible.
  • Automatic selection of drive mode with electric mode as often as possible.
  • The current condition of charge of the high-voltage battery is maintained so the electrical energy can be used at a later time.


  • Electric drive is not possible
  • Charging the high-voltage battery while driving using the combustion engine.

DYNAMIC SELECT - Select the drive program using the DYNAMIC SELECT controller. Depending on the drive program selected the following vehicle characteristics will change:

  • the drive (engine and transmission management)
  • the suspension
  • the steering.
  • the energy management

Available drive programs:


  • Individual settings


  • Sporty driving style with increased boost mode
  • Electric-only operation is not possible


  • Comfortable, economical driving style
  • Electric-only operation is possible


  • Optimal driving characteristics on slippery or snow-covered roads
  • Electric-only operation is possible

Using the document searches in the workspace, we also created an Excel file that details vehicles offering:

  • Driver Selectable Engine Programming
  • Driver Selectable Ride Control
  • Driver Selectable Suspension Height
  • Driver Selectable Steering Effort
  • Speed-Sensing Steering Assist
  • Driver Selectable Transmission Programming
  • GPS Linked Transmission Programming
The Excel workbook contains a list detailing the drive modes offered on hundreds of vehicles. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you're interested in the full file.
Here are samples:

200617 Drive Modes by Make

200617 Drive Modes

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