Customer Request:

Can you discover what types of power outlets are offered in the MID SUV segment? Also, can you investigate what types of items people want to be able to use with AC outlets offered in this segment?

200617 Oil Grades

AutoKnowledge Response:

We created a saved workspace looking at data, verbatims, and images to determine which vehicles offer AC and DC power ports, and where they are located:

We put together an Excel workbook containing data on AC & DC power port availability and quantity for vehicles in the Midsize SUV segment and we included a column in this workbook with J.D Power IQS scores related to this feature where available.

We also provided AC wattage ratings and AC / DC port locations by vehicle, found by consulting Owners Manuals and Images contained in the saved workspace.

Here is a sample of this Data:

200709 Power Ports Excel Data

In addition to the IQS data, we searched through customer verbatims to gauge if they have a preference related to the type of outlets provided. A second tab in the Excel workbook contains verbatims related to power ports in the segment. You can take a look for yourself, but based on the data and verbatims I do not see a conclusive preference specified by customers in this study between types of port offered or location.

Here is a sample of these Verbatims:


If you are interested in accessing the full report, simply email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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