The chip shortage has had an impact on a huge variety of industries, and the auto industry has been particularly impacted.

We used our large catalog of articles and media reviews to summarize the features and technologies that have been removed from vehicles due to this ongoing chip shortage.

Credits listed on Monroney Labels or OEM Websites:


General Notices

Audi General Notice

Audi General Notice 2

Direct TPMS - $100 credit

Audi Phone Box - $250 credit

Audi Phone Box


Digital Key - $50 credit / Passenger Lumbar - $175 credit

BMW Digital Key


Auto Stop/Start - $50 credit / Steering Column Lock - $50 credit

Chevrolet Stop/Start


Harmon Kardon Premium Audio System - $375 credit (fire rather than chip shortage)

Volkswagen Audio System

Media Coverage:



Chevrolet / GMC



  • Highway Driving Assist instead of Highway Driving Assist II - Affected vehicles will not offer:
    • Junction Crossing
    • Lane-Change Oncoming and Side
    • Evasive Steering Assist
    • Lane Change Assist
    • ACC Cut-In Response
    • ACC Machine Learning
    • Lane Following Assist w/ Offset Driving

Genesis Leans on Older Driver Aids to Avoid Chip-Related Delays
Genesis Pulls Highway Drive Assist II From G80, GV70, And GV80 Citing Chip Shortages
Genesis GV80, Other Models Lose Advanced Safety Tech Due To Chip Shortage


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