Customer Request:

Looking to launch a competitor in the Midsize Pickup segment and would like to investigate typical NHTSA issues and missteps within the segment to avoid them.


Customer Request:

Do you have any trend data regarding cluster sizes on Midsize SUVs?

2019 jeep cherokee

Customer Request:

Can you identify how particular OEMs offer Electronic Park Brakes (EPB)? Interested in button location, operation type, and logic.

Customer Request:

Can you provide benchmarking information on Mid Size SUVs to help investigate past/present/future trends of USB adoption (USB-A to USB-C)?

Jeep USB-C Ports

Customer Request:

Can you discover what types of power outlets are offered in the MID SUV segment? Also, can you investigate what types of items people want to be able to use with AC outlets offered in this segment?

200617 Oil Grades

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