What is VIC?
VIC (Vehicle Information Center) is a highly flexible web-based platform (built on our Knowledge Management Software) for managing product and customer satisfaction information. VIC allows users to quickly identify their target vehicles using powerful, intuitive search tools, and then browse or search target-related data drawn from dozens of sources. Pulling data from JDPA, NHTSA, EPA, Car & Driver, Consumer Reports, and Road & Track, as well as manufacturer brochures, press kits and owner’s manuals, VIC presents users with relevant data in a single, unified platform.

VIC Diagram

What can VIC do?
VIC’s powerful tools enable users to accomplish many tasks:
»  search thousands of text documents, including owner’s manuals, press kits, brochures and media reviews
»  correlate product attributes to customer metrics from sources such as Consumer Reports, IQS, APEAL, and major performance magazines
»  set targets and perform vehicle evaluations
»  conduct product and competitive strategy analysis
»  analyze impacts of technology innovations on product design and customer satisfaction
»  evaluate performance and determine BIC at a vehicle level, electronics, HMI, systems, sub-systems, etc.
»  graph results for more effective presentation

What information does VIC contain?
»  Over 300 standard images per vehicle of 95% of North American vehicles, for side-by-side detailed comparisons
»  Searchable feature and tech specification data points by vehicle trim
»  Consumer reports ratings and reviews
»  Performance data from Car & Driver, Road & Track, Motor Trend and Edmunds InsideLine
»  Owner’s manuals for 95% of the market, all searchable
»  Product brochures
»  Media reviews
»  Ability to search all images, text, and data

What about my proprietary database?
VIC was designed with flexibility in mind: access control allows users to integrate their own proprietary databases (research, evaluations, test data, tracking studies, etc.) right into the platform, all compatible with the integral search and analysis tools.  VIC can even accommodate your JD Power IQS, APEAL and VDS databases.

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Information Downloads

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