The 2012 International Geneva Motor Show ran from March the 6th through March the 18th of 2012.  Press days occured March 6th and 7th.

Below is our coverage of the 2012 International Geneva Motor Show.

Details about the show can be found at the 2012 International Geneva Motor Show Official Website.

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The 2012 Geneva show includes production models that may come to the United States along with wild concept introductions from several manufacturers.  The European Car of the Year 2012 Award was given to the Opel Ampera/Chevrolet Volt at the kickoff event for the show.  This award has had ties to the Geneva Motor Show for over fifty years.  Press Conferences are ongoing now that the show is in full swing, so stay tuned as we will be updating this list as we integrate the show's images and press kits.

Here is AutoKnowledge's coverage of the 2012 Geneva Auto Show:

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