What is InfoWeb?
AutoKnowledge InfoWeb software is a comprehensive knowledge delivery platform, fully configurable to manage multiple types of information.

InfoWeb Diagram
What can InfoWeb do?
Here are some of InfoWeb's standout features:
» consolidate multiple databases, including images & text
» access-control your databases
» robust search interface, including full-document text search
» graphing & other analysis tools
» conduct product comparisons
» java j2ee based

The InfoWeb software can be fully customized to your needs, accommodating both external sources and internal sources, and is portable across multiple databases. Data within the InfoWeb can be accessed controlled, allowing you to import your own proprietary data while ensuring that it is visible to your company only. Most importantly, InfoWeb's allows users to get the most out of their data by connecting and analyzing information from multiple sources with a powerful suite of tools.

How can InfoWeb be used?
To get an idea of how InfoWeb can be utilized, see our own Vehicle Information Center. VIC draws on sources like NHTSA, IIHS, OEM brochures, press kits, owner's manuals, our own image database, customer satisfaction data from Consumer Reports, APEAL and IQS, technical specifications and many others, to create an integrated content hub. For many of our customers, we've even customized their VIC products by incorporating their own proprietary databases, access-controlled so that only their teams can see them.

How can I get started with InfoWeb or VIC?
If you are interested in finding out more about InfoWeb or VIC, wish to start a trial, or are ready to purchase one of our products, please make an information inquiry using the form on the right side of this page or contact us via phone or email. We looking forward to meeting your knowledge management needs!

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