Training Services

The AutoKnowledge Professional Certification Program is designed for application implementation professionals, corporate knowledge administrators and application users, blending application and knowledge management education. The certification program ensures that the professionals responsible for the internal management and usage of InfoWeb products have a thorough understanding of our software. It also ensures that our customers are able to effectively use, maintain and administer their InfoWeb products. To achieve the certification, candidates must satisfy all of the educational requirements established by the program, demonstrating competency by successfully completing exams which measure their knowledge of AutoKnowledge products and applications. For course availability, pricing and registration, please contact us.

InfoWeb User

This program is designed for InfoWeb end users, giving them a complete understanding of the information contained in the application.
  • InfoWeb User Training: 1 Day

Knowledge Administrator

The Knowledge Administrator will have an understanding of the AutoKnowledge product information management structure and be able to perform application and content administration. This person will participate in the AutoKnowledge product implementation process and will eventually manage application content and user access. Candidates will learn the application environment, user and information access administration and knowledge management fundamentals.
  • AutoKnowledge Programming for the Non-Programmer: 1 Day
  • InfoWeb System Administration: 4 Days

Integration Consultant

The Integration Consultant will possess an in-depth understanding of AutoKnowledge products from an integration perspective and will act as the integration expert on a project team. Candidates will learn the application environment and how to configure the core product through practical instruction and lab exercises
  • AutoKnowledge Application Integration: 4 Days
  • Prerequisites: AutoKnowledge System Administration

Implementation Consultant

The Implementation Consultant will possess a basic understanding of AutoKnowledge products and be able to perform non-programming tasks as a member of a project team. This person will be assigned tasks such as requirements gathering, development of functional and program specifications, project leadership, and other customer interface activities. Candidates will learn the application environment and how to configure the core product through practical instruction and lab exercises.
  • InfoWeb System Administration: 4 Days
  • AutoKnowledge Programming for the Non-Programmer
  • Structured Knowledge Management Education - Level 1 & 2

Implementation & Support Services

AutoKnowledge offers a variety of implementation and support services to create a comprehensive solution for our customers' knowledge management needs.

Knowledge Management Implementation and Support Services

  • Identifying customers' specific content needs
  • Identifying the existing internal and external content sources
  • Developing a prioritized portfolio of information sources for integration
  • Integration of content into AutoKnowledge's proprietary, web-based tool to begin delivering information to end users on a global scale
  • Providing comprehensive training for information providers and end users to begin interaction and collaboration
  • Supporting and hosting of AutoKnowledge solutions in your environment or ours
  • Ongoing management and integration of content from both internal and external sources (Content Management Services)
We focus on achieving high-impact results for your organization as quickly as possible. We work with you to determine your information needs, then develop a plan utilizing our tested methodologies and extensive knowledge of product development processes to meet those needs. Our objective is to provide high-value content and establish a framework that serves as a solid foundation for, ultimately, providing a one-stop shop for all your product reference information.

AutoKnowledge Maintenance Services

AutoKnowledge Maintenance Services ensure client success:
  • Direct access to the technical support you need for continuous access to critical information.
  • On-site and off-site maintenance packages are available for your unique needs.
  • Silver, Gold and Platinum maintenance levels to provide your organization with the appropriate level of support.
  • International call center providing 24/7 help desk support.
  • Online support through our AutoKnowledge-Base online forum.