Below is the latest future product pipeline published by Automotive News.

Automotive News Future Product Pipeline

Experts from AAA, Consumer Reports, J.D. Power, the National Safety Council, PAVE, and SAE International devised this list of terms that aim to clarify and simplify the sometimes confusing world of driver assistance tech. The group’s recommendations cover the significant safety and driver assistance systems that most of us have heard of now, such as blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, backup cameras, and lane departure warnings.

ADAS Name Standardization

"Frunks" are becoming more and more common as additional manufacturers bring dedicated EV platforms to market.

Inspired by recent requests regarding frunk offerings, AutoKnowledge has catalogued the vehicles currently on the market that have been integrating up-front storage solutions thanks to unique powertrain layouts.

One of the newer technologies making its way into vehicles from multiple manufacturers is digital "phone as a key" or keycard technology that lets you unlock or drive the vehicle without a traditional keyfob.

Mercedes Benz Digital Vehicle Key

The chip shortage has had an impact on a huge variety of industries, and the auto industry has been particularly impacted.

We used our large catalog of articles and media reviews to summarize the features and technologies that have been removed from vehicles due to this ongoing chip shortage.

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